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Brisbane may be the third largest city in Australia, but is also one of the most underrated – and unfairly so. But although not regarded in such high esteem as its more popular cousins Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane is not without its charms. Generally, Brisbane is a sleepy little town with friendly and hospitable locals and world class facilities and services. There has been an increased interest in the city in recent years, awakening the city from its slumber to become one of the most desirable places to live in Australia.

Even though foreigners have just recently seen the city’s potential, locals have for a long time known their hometown has something special. A peaceful lifestyle, idyllic, laid-back atmosphere and high standard of living have locals relishing in the beauty and tranquility of the city. But even with the city fast transforming into a traditional urban hub, it remains as laid-back, friendly and charming as ever.


Brisbane is the capital of the state of Queensland and is home to about 2 million people. It is the third largest and fastest growing city in Australia and is situated on the Brisbane River. The city is named after Sir Thomas Brisbane,

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Are you are a first time camper or have you just purchased a new tent and really aren’t sure how it goes up, try it out at home in case it collapses on you so your friends and family don’t have a story to tell around the camp fire. So here are a few simple rules for raising that new tent.

First find the poles. If the fly and vestibule have poles put those aside for later assembly. Now snap the pole sections together. There is an elastic cord inside the poles which will make this easy.

Now is the time to put the poles on the tent. If your tent has windows open them before you put the poles on the tent. Next is to determine whether or not your tent has sleeves or pole clips. If your tent has sleeves thread the pole through the sleeve beginning at one corner to the opposite corner. Thread all the poles before putting the poles in the pole pockets. Now insert the poles into the pockets and your tent is up. If you have pole clips, which is a lot easier, put the poles in the pole pockets and clip the

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Have you ever thought about cheap holidays to Las Vegas? You may think Las Vegas is no place to spend a family holiday, but what you might not know is it has many things for families to do and see. There are museums, roller coasters and theme parks as well as the famous laser sky show in the old city of Las Vegas. You will find activities for the kids, free attractions and rides for all ages. The best thing about cheap holidays in Las Vegas is the Las Vegas power pass that allows you access to twenty popular attractions in Vegas that includes a tour of Hoover Dam. There are many discount Grand Canyon Tours by bus or helicopter.

At the Flamingo, you can visit the wildlife habitat. If there are little cubs at the time, you can even have your picture taken with the little ones climbing on you. This is something so exciting for everyone. The Imperial Palace has a huge collection of cars from all years, makes and models. You might also enjoy the motion rides at the Excalibur. These rides are spectacular and you feel like everything is so real. If you think that sound

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Many people, especially youngsters look for a more active and budgeted alternative to typical vacation. Some opt for hiking, trekking, mountaineering and camping breaks while some simply pack their bags to wander around the world. Different individuals have different perspectives on vacations. But a backpacking trip is something that excites everyone equally. It may be of different types. For some, it often refers to travelling across the world on a limited budget; some take it as an intense outdoor camping experience while some prefer to explore the remote areas or less travelled roads. But whatever it is, one thing that never changes is the need of appropriate backpacker travel insurance. Wherever you go, you will definitely require it regardless of how long you go for. This is because you never know what you will run into while on a backpacking holiday; heavy rains, sudden snowfall, rockslides, altitude sickness, aches, pains and personal injury or accident. Backpacker insurance keeps you safe and helps you deal efficiently with all unexpected situations. Planning a Backpacking Trip >

Backpacking is all about budget. It is the cheapest way to travel across the world and explore unfamiliar locations. Determining your budget depends on the place

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No matter whether it be Bolivia or Amsterdam, Netherlands the backpacker holiday is nonetheless a strong favorite in these days with vacationers from all over the world. Not really simply the domain of the youth market, backpacking has turn out to be a low cost and cool pastime for the European middle class and you will meet your fair share of professionals as well as university students in the mutual backpacker hostels of the world.

We are no longer shifting in direction of a global age, we are witout a doubt located in one and the wish for backpackers and vacationers in general to encounter different cultures has brought to a large raise in the acceptance of low impact, low cost yet high contact tourism. Lots of people are no longer happy with overdeveloped traveler havens, gift shops and package deals, these people would like the freedom of the unexpected open road, the uncertainty of traveling in isolation and the wonderful prize of getting friendly relationship amidst other wandering spirits. For many, backpacking gives the only true traveling encounter. The happy smile of several a backpacking photo demonstrates this.

It may well be a complicated challenge for beginners, but rest