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One of my favorite trails for backpacking or just a great day hike is Pamelia Lake Trail. Located in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area its only 63 miles from Salem, Oregon on hi-way 22 about 12 miles past the town of Detroit between mile post 62 and 63. Look for a small sign Pamelia Road 2246 on the left side of the road and travel 3.7 miles to a parking area. The 2.3-mile hike is an easy uphill walk next to a beautiful cascading Pamelia Creek and towering Fir trees along the trail. This hike should be done in July through September, as there is still snow sometimes on the trail in June.

Once you reach the lake you will experience a scenic lake with Mt. Jefferson towering in the background. Travel around the left side of the lake and you will find many designated campgrounds. You will find a fire pit at each site. There is a spring that comes out of the side of the mountain along the trail. It is located on the trail about three-quarters of the way around the lake just past the walking bridge. As it is a wilderness area you will have

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It is absolutely imperative to be prepared for anything while backpacking through the wilderness; you never know what situation you might encounter. Your backpack is your lifeline, holding all the gear and supplies you need to survive away from society. However, space in your pack is limited.

Since it is impossible to pack enough gear to prepare for every possible disaster, smart backpackers equip themselves with survival skills instead. Skills don’t take up space or add weight, and they decrease your reliance on physical gear so you can survive longer with less. Having the right skills and a few basic tools, like an LED flashlight and a hunting knife, will increase your chances of survival.

Here’s a list of skills backpackers should acquire:

1. Start a fire without a match. If you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, staying warm is your biggest concern. Hypothermia can kill you more quickly than dehydration or starvation. You might have brought waterproof matches, but what if you lose them or run out? Smart survivalists can start a fire with just a sporting knife and a few other materials. It takes practice, but it’s possible to start a fire using the

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Go Pub and Coffee Crawling with Seattle Cheap Flights

Taste the flavors of Seattle with Pub and Coffee Crawls, these are quick and cheap ways to enjoy the Emerald Citys gastronomic delights. Go on the Seattle Coffee Crawl and learn more about Americas Coffee Capital, discussing in the citys coffee brewing culture and history while seeing it in action. Plus, of course, tour participants will be able to sample a wide variety of blends and brews at several of Seattles top-notch Cafs. The tour takes approximately two hours and will set you back no more than $30. If beer is your thing, take the Pub Crawl and dive into Seattles beer cultureits worth noting that Seattle beer is as famous as its coffee. Taste the distinct flavor of freshly-brewed local beers, see the brewing process as it happens, and learn more about this age-old beverage. The tour ends with a visit the citys oldest taverns and bars, and a bus ride through Seattles underground bus tunnel. Your final stop is one of the best Irish pubs in America. As with the Coffee Crawl, expect to pay less than $30 for at the two-hour trip.

Seattle Dream Weddings with Seattle

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Getting The Right Taxi Services Since time immemorial, people have always been interested with the idea of traveling. One of the things that you need to know is that there is so much to see in the world that people are willing to discover. Since you think that traveling is beneficial for you, it would then be better if you get to explore a lot of things in a certain area. If you are considering the idea of going to a particular destination, getting a taxi is one of the best decisions you will ever make. There are many reasons why taxi rental services are very in demand nowadays. For some reason, you would get to find people who are willing to spend their money to acquire taxi rental services. Since you want to explore a popular destination even more, the best way for you to do so is to rent a taxi to tour your around. One of the things that you have to be aware of is that people are too tired to experience the hassle of driving themselves to certain destinations. With the traffic that countries are experiencing nowadays, it is not surprising to

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An Introduction to Pune Taxi Services The second largest city in Maharashtra is the city of Pune, it’s also very famous for the great nightlife and educational centres. Because of the sheer amount of students that go to the city, Pune is now a paradise of restaurants and hotels. The lovely climate of Pune is what brings the tourists in. Take note that if you’re planning to travel t Pune then avoid the months from March up to May. The best months to book a guide is around October and November, these are usually less hot and free of thunderstorms. If you find great domestic carriers near the airport, then they can definitely help you get to Pune. Usually, any flight coming from Pune will most likely pass through Mumbai. On the other hand, you can easily access Mumbai via taxi to Pune. One of the most updated railway stations in India can be found in Pune, it offers travellers almost all the facilities they need. Three major highways connect Pune, Mumbai, Vijayawada and Nasik in order; these highways are NH4, NH9 and NH50. Getting around the city is simple and easy, you can just