Places You Must Visit In Thailand

For people seeking sun, sand and plenty of adventure, Thailand is amongst the top places in the world to visit. The beautiful scenery of the coastal islands compliments the rich culture and mountainous regions to the north, not to mention Bangkok, one of South East Asias most intriguing cities. Theres a multitude of places to visit and things to do in Thailand, and whether youre a tourist or a backpacker, youre almost sure to never get bored by the countrys rich offerings. Indeed, you could choose to spend a week bronzing yourself on a beach in the south, or spend months exploring the highlands to the north and the borders with Laos and Cambodia. If youve got a trip to Thailand in store for this year, then take a read of this article to find out about some of the top destinations.

Ko Samui
Thailands third largest island is situated in the Gulf of Thailand, while being a particularly popular option with backpackers in search of booze and sun. So the legend has it, the island was little more than a tiny self sufficient tourist community until 1979, when two tourists arrived via a coconut boat. What they arrived

Backpacking Essentials Why Do You Need to Take Backpacker Travel Insurance

Your bag is your life especially when you are on a backpacking trip. The smaller it is, the less vulnerable you are because you can keep it with you always. There is no need to take too many things with you. Instead you can shop for no-wrinkle souvenir t-shirts and lowers from the street markets in the country you are travelling to. This gives you a thorough experience and feel of a backpacker. Careful planning before leaving your home plays an important role. Make sure to keep all the essentials in such a manner that doesn’t make your bag too heavy to carry. Amongst all backpacking essentials, backpacking travel insurance certainly tops the list. You must not forget to insure yourself and keep the documents handy with you always. As you are on a budgeted trip, it becomes extremely difficult to handle sudden unfortunate emergency situation. It is only your insurance plan that helps you deal efficiently with every unfortunate incident that you may come across during your trip. >

Before leaving your home, carefully go through the backpacker travel insurance policies available in the market. When you are on a limited budget, it is better to purchase it in

Chuckwagon Cooking Equipments

The article deals with the meaning of Chuckwagon, history and mainly with the tools and equipments used in Chuckwagon cooking.
Chuckwagon was invented by Colonel Charles Goodnight in 1866 in US after the Civil War. The need of Chuckwagon arose when the cattle owner with the cowboys and their cattle travelled Texas to Midwest. Then Charles Goodnight who himself was a cattle owner invented this amazing wagon which was built from the army surplus wagon. He chose those wagons which were able to cover long distances and converted the back portion of the wagon into the mobile kitchen and carried the cooking equipments known as Chuckwagon cooking equipments and cooking material. These equipments were also specially designed that means they were light weight and compact and the cooking material was such which could remain for long like salt meat, beans, cookies or biscuits and coffee. In the modern era due to many inventions and developments the Chukwagon concept has become past story. Now there are big vehicles for transportation. But still because of formation of American Chuckwagon Association the concept is still alive. The members of the association take part in Chuckwagon races and cooking. Now these Chuckwagons are

Backpacker’s Guide Natural Attractions Surfing Heaven Untamed Wilderness Experience Hawaii Fragrant

All Inclusive Hawaii Vacations for Maui

Breathtaking beaches and enchanting natural wonders have made Mauis reputation as one of the best islands in the world. Maui is home to world-class resorts, hundreds of exciting activities, world-class golf, and amazing natural wonders that are sure to convince you that it is one of the most unforgettable islands youll ever see. Look for all inclusive Hawaii vacations that include these great Maui destinations: the seaside streets of Lahaina, the serene beaches of Kaanapali, Haleakala National Park, arts and culture of Kahului and Upcountry Maui, Hana, and whale watching when the season is right. The town of Kahului/Wailuku is at the heart of Maui and serves as the island’s business center. West Maui is home to the islands widest stretches of beach, upscale hotels (Ka’anapali), and the historic whaling town of Lahaina. If you want plush accommodations, head out to South Maui, where the snorkeling, diving, and local wildlife spots are just as enchanting. Some of the best Maui lodging options include the Kaanapali Beach Hotel, Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, Kaanapali Alii, Honua Kai Resort & Spa, and the Grand Wailea.

Backpacking with All Inclusive Hawaii Vacations

Backpackers will find

Backpacker Jobs In Australia

Many people raise questions upon the usefulness of the backpacker jobs. Are they really of any help? What kind of jobs can one take up during travelling? How much does it pay? Is there a commitment for certain duration of time? These are generally the type of questions people have in mind.

Travelling entails a lot of uncertainty howsoever well you plan; in the form of an unavoidable stay somewhere, expenses for travel, stay and food exceeding the planned budget. All these result in a financial crunch, which is the worst thing that can happen to you and this is precisely where backpacker jobs come to your rescue. So when you go for backpack travel, you obviously want to minimise the expenses and working is the way out.

Backpacker jobs are available across various travel destinations globally but Australia is special. Considering that Australia is a big country backpacking can take up a considerable amount of time and resources. Working as you travel as such, is a good option to explore the entire continent thoroughly.

Job Options

Australia is replete with job options for travellers. There are plenty of jobs available as contractual, part time and